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02 April 2019


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by Shannon Lee and Bruce Lee Family in USA.




Bruce Lee bio



If he lived, he would be exactly 77 years old today. November 27 is the anniversary of his birth. Bruce Lee - action cinema legend, master of Eastern martial arts, icon of pop culture. His fame lasts longer than he himself was given to live. Let's get to know him closer.


„A” as the acting - although in the annals of the cinema enrolled as an actor, one must be able to say one thing completely honestly - he is a legend. And he was to model himself on whom, because his father Lee Hoi-chuen was an actor of the Cantonese opera. Little Lee played in the movies from the youngest (the first role came when Bruce was a few months old), so nobody worried about refining his experience with the acting school in later years. Lee preferred to focus on martial arts. However, I have the impression that in the case of Lee we are dealing more with being a screen personality than a typical actor. Mostly he created the same kind of hero - a balanced individual who, under the influence of circumstances, decides to bring justice to the evil that surrounds him. Each time a moment of battle was approaching in his films, something magical was created on the screen, impossible to imitate. Lee, who usually was responsible for the choreography himself, then gave himself.


B as Bruce - as you might guess, the English-sounding name he used was not the invention of his Chinese parents. Bruce Lee was actually Lee Jun-fan, which meant "come back again." That's what his mother called him, who hoped that one day Lee would return to the United States in which he was born. Apparently, the English name Bruce was suggested by the doctor, Dr. Mary Glover.


C like cha-cha - the movie and action scenes were one of Lee's many ways of motor expression. Few know that the actor could and also liked to dance. In 1958 he even won the competition organized in Hong Kong. According to the dance, he got interested in the purpose of impressing the girl. He left the lesson a year before he started training kung fu for good. The dance was a good introduction to this. Although at first glance it seems that martial arts and dance do not have much in common, those more familiar with the subject know that in the case of training the flow of movements, both areas can complement each other perfectly.


D as a d-heritage - although it has not been with us for more than forty years, the actor has left a huge legacy. During his career, Lee managed to play in over thirty films (including four with the main role: The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon and Enter The Dragon), which is quite a feat, considering he left at the age of thirty-two. He was also able to direct, write scripts and, above all, set up choreographies of fights. Whatever he did, he always strived for perfection. After death, however, he remained eternally alive. His legend lasts longer than he lived himself. To this day, there are films using his image - for example, the last Birth of the Dragon. Lee is also present in computer games and other pop culture creations. Of course, many modern instructors and martial arts students still see in him a source of inspiration and role models.


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E as Emery, Linda - during his studies in the US, at the University of Washington, Bruce Lee met Linda Emery, whom he married in 1964. Lee was also a martial arts instructor for his beloved. Her husband even got a Cameo at the Dragon's entrance, but thankfully not as a warrior - when we look closely, we can see Linda in the banquet scene. They had two children: Brandon and Shannon. The son followed in the footsteps of his father and became an actor, but his career was interrupted by a premature, tragic death. In turn, the daughter still cherishes the father's good name, managing the rights to his image.


F as a philosophy - the perception of Bruce Lee only through the prism of the action movie is very harmful to this character. The famous actor was a sensitive and extremely reflective man. Few know that he also used poetry. Even fewer people know that one of his horses was also a philosophy - he chose to study this particular field. He advocated the claim that every knowledge ultimately leads to self-discovery. Martial arts were a way of expression for him. Lee and Taoism were influenced by Lee's philosophy. He was an atheist who believed that the greatest strength and the ability to respond responsibly lies in each of us - it is enough to reach for them. A famous quote from his philosophy has passed into history: "be formless ... shapeless like water".


- Bruce Lee was a good herb in his youth. However, this is not only about the fact that, as is usually the case with genius units, he never belonged to high school students. He was brought up by the streets of Hong Kong in the 1950s. Many people fleeing the repression of the Chinese government were looking for a refuge in the British then, which quickly became overpopulated. The streets of Hong Kong were full of homeless people, and crime was spreading. Bruce Lee as a teenager belonged to the gang "The Tigers Of Junction Street". When one day he came home with a black eye, he supposedly asked my mother to send him to a karate class. Years later, not wanting his son to waste his life on the suspense that hung over him, Bruce Lee's father finally sent him to the USA. There he found his way.


H as a tribute - the most obvious form of homage, which can be made to a person who is famous and deserved, is to put up a monument. Bruce Lee also got it. Monument of the legendary warrior has been in Hong Kong since 2005. In my opinion, however, the best covenant created for the part of the actor is the movie from 1993 entitled Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, authored by Rob Cohen, with the daring role of Jason Scott Lee in the lead role. The film was made on the twentieth anniversary of the actor's death and I remember that it was this production that fascinated me with the figure of a master of kung fu.


I as a star instructor - Bruce Lee teaches martial arts, everyone knows. But because there were also film stars among his students, few already realize. Although at the beginning of his acting career in Hollywood, producers were not keen to engage Lee in films (due to his skin color), however, due to his extraordinary skills, everyone in the industry wanted to get to know him. Lee attended classes for lessons such stars as Steve McQueen, Joe Lewis, James Coburn or, note, Roman Polanski. Bruce Lee, on the other hand, had the opportunity to duel with the then first steps in the industry Chuck Norris (in the Way of the Dragon) and Jackie Chan (in the Dragon's Entrance).


J as Jeet Kune Do - this is the name of the original martial art created by Bruce Lee. Jeet means interception, Kune is a fist, and Do is a way, which translated into Polish means "The Way of the intercepting Fist". The art is based on a combination of kung fu, fencing and boxing techniques. It was also the result of studies on kinetics and dynamics. In JKD, philosophy is also important, thanks to which it is more important to fill the spirit with harmony (which is no different from many other martial arts) rather than the way of dealing blows.


Source: www.film.org.pl

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