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Welcome to the pages of articles. In this section of the site, the most important articles on Bruce Lee and his family will be available online. The site will be constantly developed with new articles. I cordially invite you to read all the articles which were written in Polish news websites and translated into English.

Bruce Lee : icon of the martial arts cinema.

He is the only person in the history of cinema who killed the character played by Chuck Norris. His kicks were so fast that the operators asked him for replays at a slower pace. He died suddenly at the peak of popularity, a few days before the premiere of his greatest work. On November 27, 2015, Bruce Lee would celebrate his 75th birthday. He was born in 1940 in San Francisco, he spent his youth in Hong Kong. For the first time in front of the camera he appeared at the age of three months.




An article on the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death.

40 years ago Bruce Lee died - an icon of martial arts, and - according to Time magazine - one of the hundred most influential people of the last century. Known mainly for his skill in mastering martial arts and their use in movies, he was also an extremely well-read author of poetry and philosophical aphorisms. Having these features in mind, the whiskey producing company Johnny Walker decided to resurrect the legendary actor in the latest ad using computer techniques. If he were alive today, he would be 72 years old.

Interview with Shannon Lee - Bruce Lee's daughter.

Shannon Lee is the daughter of the martial arts legend - Bruce Lee. She is an actress and singer as well as the president of Bruce Lee Enterprises. Shannon Lee tells Dorett Lau from HK Magazine about his father's heritage. I was born in Santa Monica, California in 1969. My family and I moved to Hong Kong when I was two years old. I remember that my father was very funny and energetic.

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Bruce Lee dangerous perfection.

If he lived, he would be exactly 77 years old today. November 27 is the anniversary of his birth. Bruce Lee - action cinema legend, master of Eastern martial arts, icon of pop culture. His fame lasts longer than he himself was given to live. Let's get to know him closer.





11 inspirational lessons from Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee was an actor, philosopher, director and film producer, screenwriter and master of martial arts. He was born in November 1940 and died in July 1973 due to cerebral edema. Many consider Bruce Lee  the most influential martial artists of the twentieth century. Films with his participation brought martial art to a whole new level.

Be like water - philosophy of Bruce Lee.

Although Bruce Lee felt heir to the thoughts and spirituality of the Far East, he was first and foremost a child of the American counter-culture of the 1960s. He became a film star and martial arts icon.

The heroes of films with Bruce Lee are like Benia Krzyk from the famous Odeska Tales by Isaac Babel. They say little, but tasty.

What did Polański teach Bruce Lee ?

On Saturday, the 40th anniversary of the death of the icon of martial arts, Bruce Lee. For this occasion, we would like to remind you of a little-known thread from his life - a friendship with Roman Polanski. The master of Kung Fu taught the director self-defense, and this one reciprocated with skiing lessons. He described his friendship with Bruce Lee in the autobiography "Roman".

40 years since the death of Bruca Lee.

Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco. Bruce's father - Hoi Chuen Lee, actor, star of the Chinese opera, was on a tour in the United States. The child was given the name of Jun Fan, but the name of Bruce was written in the American birth certificate. Little Bruce - due to his father's constant trips - was brought up by his mother.

How much is Bruce Lee worth ?

There are so many legends around Bruce Lee that no other movie star can compare with him in this respect. As it turns out, the atmosphere of mystery and the magic of the silver screen in his case has become a very expensive combination. Recently, participants of a certain auction in Hong Kong became convinced about it.

Bruce Lee - ten million and inner harmony.

He was a signpost for those who believe they can change their fate; a symbol of the victory of the weak and excluded over the nobles of this world. He was a box office actor and a celebrity; walking (or rather jumping?) ambition. The Chinese incarnation of the American dream of success. He was Bruce Lee. In 1974, the whole world hummed the text of the hit by Carl Douglas - Everybody was kung fu fighting. The song was number one on the charts in 15 countries.





























Bruce Lee you do not know.

The famous "empty mind, be formless, shapeless - like water" is just one of the many wisdoms Bruce Lee wanted to convey to us. Few people know that his last work is not a film, but a set of philosophical, self-reflective thoughts collected in letters with the working title "In My Own Process". Eastern martial arts were never meant to fight the sensu stricto, or rather the spiritual development of their adept. And Bruce Lee knew it. You do not have to introduce this person to anyone ...

How Bruce Lee changed pop culture.

He was the first Chinese who got a leading role in the American film, although he did not live to see his premiere. He introduced martial arts to Hollywood salons - today, no self-respecting action movie can go without them. Exactly 45 years ago, Bruce Lee died. He was born in San Francisco neighborhood in Chinese district. as the fourth of the five children of Lee Hoi-chuen, a Chinese actor and opera singer, who comes from the rich and extremely respected Grace Ho family in Hong Kong.