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02 April 2019


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Bruce Lee bio



Bruce Lee is a legendary character. Time magazine named him the greatest master of martial arts of all time and one of the main stars of the 20th century cinema. These titles are certainly deserved, and we can still follow the next signs of world fascination with Bruce Lee.

The legend is still alive

One of the manifestations of the popularity of this character may be the imminent rise of the Bruce Lee Action Museum at the Seatle. On the other side of the globe, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum creates a large collection of memorabilia associated with it. However, not only cultural institutions, but also ordinary collectors try to get such specimens for their collections. If we add the information that Bruce Lee lived only 32 years, we can not be surprised that all the memorabilia associated with his short and tumultuous life reach dizzying prices. They are simply very little compared to the huge demand.


Yellow costume, nunczako and letter


Recently, we were dealing with another installment of this popularity. On December 5, at the Hong Kong auction, the yellow Bruce Lee costume from the movie "Game of Death" was sold for a substantial sum of 84,000. dollars. Thus, he broke the initial valuation by 116 percent. and set a new record. Bruce Lee was a perfectionist and engaged in the production of the movie "Game of Death" not only as an actor, but also as a director, producer, choreographer of fighting or screenwriter. However, he did not finish this title because he was interrupted by his mysterious and sudden death in 1973.


The previous record amount paid for the souvenir associated with Bruce Lee fell in 2011. Then a different costume from the movie "Game of Death" was auctioned for 77 thousand. dollars. A slightly smaller sum was obtained for nunczako used by Bruce Lee. The transaction took place during the last auction in Hong Kong, and the buyer paid for it 58 thousand. dollars. In turn, in 2011, Bruce Lee's letter to the friend Taky Kimura was sold for 51 thousand. dollars. In this letter, Lee shared his hopes of engaging in the "Green Hornet" series.

The "Green Hornet" series was the beginning of Bruce Lee's true film career. Although the production was not spectacularly successful in the US, after some time it gave him fame in ... Hong Kong. The series was purchased by the local TV station and became a real hit.


The investment Enter of the dragon?


Each of the listed items are unique, unique and used by the star himself. He also has a relationship with an important event in his life. For this reason, you can not be surprised by the amounts paid for each of them. It is also worth adding that often these items turned out to be a great investment. According to the British company Paul Fraser Collectibles, Bruce Lee's autographs over the past 11 years have been growing at a rate of around 17 percent. annually.


Source : interia.pl

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