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02 April 2019


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In 2013, the 40th anniversary of the death of the icon of martial arts, Bruce Lee. For this occasion, we would like to remind you of a little-known thread from his life - a friendship with Roman Polanski. The master of Kung Fu taught the director self-defense, and this one reciprocated with skiing lessons.

Bruce Lee taught Roman Polański martial arts, the director repaid the Korepet skiing / East News

He described his friendship with Bruce Lee in the autobiography "Roman" (1988). The director met an American actor through his wife, Sharon Tate.


"Thanks to 'The Wrecking Crew' (1968), where Sharon Tate played the role of a karate girl, a new character has come into our lives, Sharon wanted me to meet an instructor who gave her lessons on behalf of the label. and invited him to dinner, that's how I met Bruce Lee, "writes Polanski.

"Despite the many friends he has had in Hollywood, Bruce has not yet satisfied his acting and directing ambitions, only the leading instructor and expert on the Eastern struggles have seen him, he was able to teach all forms of weapons and weapons," he describes the beginnings of his career.

Bruce Lee also gave several lessons from self-defense techniques to the Polish filmmaker.


"In the driveway leading to the house of Patty Duke (actress), we set up a training place, Bruce taught me, among others, a side foot attack, he constantly urged me to attack him unexpectedly." I will not be surprised - he assured me - you will not hurt me, and maybe you will learn something by yourself, "recalls Polanski.

"Despite all the physical advantages of a man-gum, he had a small handicap: he was short-sighted and wore glasses or contact lenses." One day, after one of our trainings, he put his foot on the bumper of his car and tied the shoestring with his spectacles on the tip of his nose. He did not even look at me: he quickly reached out and grabbed my ankle, "he describes his unsuccessful" attack "on Bruce Lee.

Polanski wanted to get revenge for martial arts lessons and he tried to teach ski-school skiing. The opportunity arose when they met on the slopes in the Swiss Gstaad. Polański as a ski teacher suffered a fiasco.

"Although reflexes and smooth movements made him an excellent karate, Bruce simply could not master this new skill," he concludes. "Despite the desperate attitude on the boards, he made a sensation in my exclusive circle: men amazed with the power of agility, women were impressed by his Asian beauty" - recalls Polanski. Although Lee was a master of martial arts, the director describes him as an exceptionally gentle man.

Polański was not given the opportunity to congratulate Bruce on his greatest film success. The 32-year-old actor died a week before the premiere of "The Enter of the Dragon".

"One afternoon I went alone to Bruce Lee's" The Enter of the Dragon. "There was a crowd in front of the cinema - the film had tremendous success, but Bruce, who had just died in Hong Kong for a stroke, would never know it again. a commentary to Hollywood customs and destiny in general, I remember Bruce's hopeless efforts to break through the screen, I remember how he wrote to me in a letter: 'If you ever wanted to make a deep film about the art of eastern fights ...' he lived, and the producers who treated him with contempt for so long took millions of them, "notes Polanski in his autobiography.


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